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57100 - Trail Rocker Relay Center - Customizable

57100 - Trail Rocker Relay Center - Customizable

  • $349.99

Introducing the brand new Customizable Trail Rocker from Painless, allowing you to control up to eight accessories on your custom application! The heart of this kit is enclosed in the weatherproof housing that surrounds the power center with eight fuses and relays.  

The power center then provides you with all the necessary wiring to connect to any 12v accessory ranging from lights to air lockers. Easily installed with our detailed instructions and plug-n-play design.

Also provided is a switch input harness for controlling all of your accessories. Simply wire these connections into your own switches.   

  • Control up to 8 accessories, (8) 30 amp fuses and (8) 30 amp relays
  • Weatherproof housing around the power center
  • Allows for custom mounting
  • Allows for wiring in your own switches

Winch Ready! The Trail Rocker system includes dedicated wires for controlling a winch. Purchase of our Winch Control Add-on Kit part number 57150 is required for operation. 





The underside of the fuse & relay cover has a built in gasket to help keep any moisture out and to act as an extra support for the relays. 

Attention to detail shows in this bolt with O-ring combo to hold the top cover on.  


This harness attaches the fuse & relay center to your switch panel. It’s a plug-n-play design that allows for your switch panel to be disconnected if needed. 


Exiting the fuse & relay center we provide you with 21’ of wire to reach any 12 volt accessory you have.


Printed every 12” on the wire you’ll find the circuit description, a signature touch of ours. 








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