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57002 - Trail Rocker System Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-10 (Auto Only) Black Dash Panel

57002 - Trail Rocker System Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-10 (Auto Only) Black Dash Panel

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Introducing the brand new Trail Rocker from Painless, allowing you to control up to eight accessories on your JK Jeep! The heart of this kit is enclosed in the weatherproof housing that surrounds the power center with eight fuses and relays. Controlling it, are five prewired switches mounted in our custom dash panel for a clean factory installed look inside your Jeep.

The power center then provides you with all the necessary weatherproof connectors and wiring to connect to your Jeep
accessories ranging from lights to air lockers. Easily installed with our detailed instructions and plug-n-play design.

Provided are 4 switches pre-wired to control 6 accessories with ease!  Also included are two extra Output Wires that are easily wired into one of the 4 existing switches giving you control of up to 8 total accessories.  

•Control up to 8 accessories, (8) 30 amp fuses and (8) 30 amp relays
•Weatherproof housing around the power center and connections
•Custom bolt-on powder coated bracket for the power center
•Switch panel mounts 4 LED switches in a factory non-intrusive dash location

Winch Ready! The Trail Rocker system includes dedicated wires for controlling a winch. Purchase of our Winch Control Add-on Kit part number 57150 is required for operation. 

(Automatic Transmission Applications Only)

The moment you know you’re in good hands. The Painless Trail Rocker comes shipped and packaged to ensure the product arrives to you undamaged. 

The heart of the Trail Rocker is the fuse & relay center. Here you will find eight 30 amp fuses and eight 30 amp relays. While the switch panel only comes with six total switches, we provide you with the two extra circuits for doubling up on dual high amp systems. Say for example, two 20 amp lights powered off of two relays but only one switch. 

The top of the weatherproof fuse & relay center features the stylish logo silkscreened onto it. Along with the fused power source mounted next to it.  

The 200 Amp MIDI fuse comes pre-installed and prewired. There’s no worrying about how to crimp that 6 gauge power cable. 

The underside of the fuse & relay cover has a built in gasket to help keep any moisture out and to act as an extra support for the relays. This extra support on the relays ensures that no matter how good or bad you are on the trails, the relays will not pop out of place. 

Attention to detail shows in this bolt with O-ring combo to hold the top cover on.  

Underneath the fuse & relay center you will find the powder coated custom mounting bracket with stainless hardware. This bracket is designed to install in existing mounting holes under the hood. 

These switches are vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture, and salt spray resistant. What more could you want? Custom etched switches….coming soon! 

The back side of the switch panel comes pre terminated and ready to plug into the fuse & relay center. We also pre-route the two extra output wires to the panel. This allows you to either piggy back extra components off of a switch or to replace the on/off switches with more on/off/on ones. 

This harness attaches the fuse & relay center to the switch panel. It’s a plug-n-play design that only requires you to route it and plug it in.  

Exiting the fuse & relay center we provide you with 21’ of wire to reach any 12 volt accessory you have.

Printed every 12” on the wire you’ll find the circuit description, a signature touch of ours. 

The parts kit comes with everything you’ll need to install the Trail Rocker, except the tools and the Jeep.

You’ll also find a custom pigtail that allows the Trail Rocker to power up only when the key is turned on. The system is shipped to be powered at all times. 

You'll also find a winch pigtail that is pre wired into the kit. This pigtrail is ready to wire up to your winch. The other end is ran up to the switch panel. With the purchase of our custom winch switch PN 57150. You can easily replace one of your switches and control your winch from in the cab. Be sure to visit our wiring schematics page for details on wiring this to your winch.



If you’ve never seen a Painless manual, you’re in for a treat. Scroll to the top for a PDF version of this nearly 50 page full color manual. You’ll wish we made manuals for everyday living. 

Here is the complete kit.  Everything you need to get your accessories powered safely in your JK Jeep!


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