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30830 - CSI Universal Engine Harness

30830 - CSI Universal Engine Harness

  • $196.99

     The C.S.I. harness is a universal weather-proof engine harness providing wiring to accommodate the Charging, Starting, and Ignition of just about any non fuel injected engine. The C.S.I. harness is the Painless solution to repairing damaged wiring on your carbureted engine or for cleaning up the clutter and taking the guess work away from those swapping from fuel injection to a carb. Accessory circuits aide in re-connecting a factory fuse block, electric fuel pump, electric water pump, electric cooling fans, light switch, etc.

    C.S.I. harness connections include the following:

Gauge connections (Water temperature, oil pressure, tachometer, gauge power / voltmeter, alt/charge indicator) and Ignition Switch (Power In, Power Out, Start), coil power, ignition bypass, electric choke power, battery feed, alternator output, and starter signal, 30 amp max switched power Accessory, 30 amp max constant power Accessory, one un-fused constant battery power Accessory.

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