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30817 - Headlight Relay Harness/9005-9006 Bulb

30817 - Headlight Relay Harness/9005-9006 Bulb

  • $162.99

Designed for 9005 and 9006 halogen bulbs.  To get maximum power from your headlights it is recommended to have the shortest possible distance between the power source and the bulbs.  This headlight harness draws power directly from the battery, through two relays, to the headlights, providing full power to the headlights.  Kit is designed for the use on vehicles with a 9005 and 9006 bulb on each side. 

This kit includes:

  1. Two 40 Amp weatherproof relays
  2. Two weatherproof relay bases with wiring harness
  3. Weatherproof 30 Amp fuse (capable of handling up to 150 Watts)
  4. Mating connectors to factory headlights and harness

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