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30700 - High Amp Alternator Kit (140-190 Amp)

30700 - High Amp Alternator Kit (140-190 Amp)

  • $52.99

Has a stereo install, off-road lights, a set of electric cooling fans, or maybe all three, exceeded your alternators capabilities? 

In most cases, your factory wiring or even a Painless Performance chassis harness has only been set up for a factory alternator (100 amps or less). Connecting your new high amperage alternator to too small a charge wire will lead to inadequate charging and/or over heating of the charge wire leading to a fire. The 30700 Ultra High Output Alternator kit will let you safely, reliably, and “Painlessly” install an alternator with up to 190 charging amps.The kit includes a high amp inline fuse with protected fuse holder, all necessary ring terminals, heat shrink, and a detailed set of diagrams and step by step instructions to provide a professional installation.

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