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30133 - Waterproof PCM Controlled Fan Relay Kit

30133 - Waterproof PCM Controlled Fan Relay Kit

  • $44.99

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This weatherproof Fan-Thom II kit is inexpensive protection for an electric fan and a vehicle's wire harness.  Relay activation by grounding relay coil can be provided by any Powertrain Control Module.  Provides constant voltage, protects from voltage and amperage spikes and prevents the fan from back feeding voltage through the vehicle's wire harness. 

This kit includes:

  1. Weatherproof SPST 35 Amp relay
  2. Weatherproof 30 Amp circuit breaker
  3. Weatherproof relay base with harness
  4. Weatherproof heat-shrinkable crimp-on terminals
  5. Mounting hardware

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