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30131 - Waterproof Fuel Pump Relay

30131 - Waterproof Fuel Pump Relay

  • $54.99

It's a good idea to relay your fuel pump for the street and a must when you're racing.  Designed specifically to prevent voltage drops at the fuel pump to maintain constant fuel pump pressure and to prevent fuel pump amperage overloads from damaging the vehicle's electrical system.  Designed for the harsh conditions encountered off road, this relay kit provides complete protection from the elements to ensure reliable and dependable performance.

This kit includes:

  1. 30 Amp Heavy duty weatherproof relay
  2. Weatherproof relay base with wire harness
  3. 30 Amp circuit breaker with weatherproof cover
  4. Extreme condition heat shrinkable crimp-on terminals
  5. Mounting hardware

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