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20129 - Direct Fit Chevelle / Malibu Harness (1969) - 26 Circuits

20129 - Direct Fit Chevelle / Malibu Harness (1969) - 26 Circuits

  • $949.99


This harness gives you everything you need, plus more! Not only are there provisions for connecting standard factory components, we also provide what you will need for aftermarket components. Including options like a console sub-harness, two gauge cluster pigtails, and even a fully integrated ground circuit. This harness follows all of the same routing found on the factory harness which allows you to utilize the factory harness attachment points. Extra length has even been added to the headlight section to be routed behind the driver side inner fender for a cleaner look. Also available is a 120+ page manual full of color schematics, photos, and step-by-step instructions!


  • Numerous components have the connectors and terminals pre-installed to make connections plug-n-play
  • All exterior lights have the correct sockets and bulbs pre-installed
  • 6 gauge charge wire and 150 amp MIDI fuse
  • Fully integrated ground circuit
  • 120+ page manual full of color schematics, photos, and step-by-step instructions


Note: Options not supported in these harnesses are:  wiring for the TCS relay for turbo 400 transmissions, wiring for the factory power window/locks, and factory A/C wiring. These harnesses do include the switch power wire for the factory power window/locks and A/C. These harnesses do include a new blower motor harness for those with heat only systems. 

Here are some of the great features included with this kit. 

The heart of your new Chevelle wiring harness is centered around this factory style precision molded fuse block.  Updated ATC style fuses ensure that the 26 circuits stay protected and safe.

The backside of the fuse block utilizes a factory style bulkhead connector to ensure there is no trimming or cutting to your firewall.  This allows you to easily install the fuse block in the factory location.

Plug and play design makes install easy, no matter your options.  Don't have a center console but may add one later?  The included console harness can be easily added at any time.

Each pre-terminated connector is tagged for easy routing and installation. 

There is no need to make extra trips to the parts store with this kit.  Connectors, terminals, extra fuses, light bulbs, etc., all come in the box.  Any questions while installing?  Just refer to the complete 120+ page installation manual, or give our tech line a call!


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