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10114 - Direct Fit Bronco Harness w/o switches (1966-1977) - 28 Circuits

10114 - Direct Fit Bronco Harness w/o switches (1966-1977) - 28 Circuits

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Designed with input from Bronco owners everywhere, this 28 circuit direct fit 1966-1977 Bronco harness sets a new standard in wiring. This harness includes a molded plastic glove box that not only replaces the factory cardboard one, it also mounts our weatherproof fuse block. You'll also find factory-style molded exterior light connectors, Ford turn signal connectors and a Ford dimmer switch connector. This harness has most of the factory connections are already pre-terminated. Also available is an 80+ page full color step by step install manual with over 80 photos, drawings and harness schematics. Each wire is custom printed with the circuit identification as well as using Ford color codes for easy installation.  


Here are some of the great features included with this kit. 


The heart of your new Bronco wiring harness is centered around this weatherproof fuse block.  With 28 total circuits and 9 accessories circuits, this harness will support most features and add-ons you want to add to your Bronco.  


Underneath the fuse block we can see the weatherproof terminals and covered power supply post. 


Included with your Bronco harness is a custom molded glovebox. This is also the mounting location for your fuse block. 


Properly mounting and routing your wiring harness is a critical step to avoid any premature wear to your wiring. We provide you with enough zip ties and grommets to make sure you avoid any issues.


Included in your parts kit you’ll find terminals, weatherproof splices, screws, extra fuses etc.


One of the many features of your new Bronco harness allows you to add an aftermarket tach. 


No matter if you have an early, mid, or later model column, we’ve provided you with a pigtail to adapt them all to your new Bronco harness. 


All of your rear lights are properly insulated making for a plug-n-play install.


As with every wiring kit from Painless, you’ll find our signature printed wire. They tell you the wire number, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going to. 


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