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Pro Series

Designed to meet the demands of the most professional builder

The Painless Pro Series gives you everything you need to wire up your pro-touring or custom ride right the first time. The Pro Series allows for customization of the harness by providing ample length wiring so you have the freedom to route and cut the harness to fit your exact setup. Once you’ve got the harness fit how you like it, included are over 25 GM factory style connectors allowing you to turn the Pro Series harness into a direct fit harness for your application. With built in grounds for the lights and high current charging capacity, the Pro Series harness will ensure your ride meets the demands of today’s electrical requirements. Available for cars and trucks in 23 and 25 circuit options with or without a bulkhead style firewall mount, the Pro Series gives you the freedom of our Customizable harnesses with the fit of our Direct Fit harnesses.